Don't Say Goodbye: Ep 6


Ishaan sat on the pavement beside Sana’s P.G for what seemed like hours to passersby. To him, it seemed like his worst nightmare had come to life. He’d failed her. Again. But more than that, he had no clue of where she was or what she was doing or if she was even breathing anymore. He couldn’t even think of her not breathing anymore. It was too much – too painful and too excruciating to even be a thought.
So he stood up and told himself that he was going to do things right this time. That he was going to find her and find her safe, and he was going to hurt every single person who had made the mistake of hurting her. He called up Jay, his friend, and someone who was a God with all things illegal. “Dude?…Yeah, no. This time it’s bigger. They’ve taken her… I’m fine. I have to be… Yeah… Listen, can you hack into Rishi’s phone records? See his texts and the calls he’s been making?.. Great… Yeah, exactly. Do that and I might know where he’s keeping her. It’s the only thing I can think of… I’ll need the guys but not now. First I need to know where she is… Alright. Let me know pronto, Jay. I don’t know how long I can hold on without her… Yeah, okay… Wait, hold on! Do you have access to those apps that tell you a person’s location and where he’s been and shit like that?.. Thank God! Yes, get onto that… Cool. Let me know asap.”

Ishaan took that time to make calls to his sources and find what Rishi had been doing the last couple of days. He’d apparently been out of town the entire month and had only returned last week. And ever since then, he’d been MIA. He hadn’t been seen in his usual hangouts and his girlfriends didn’t know where he was or why he was suddenly avoiding them. That could only mean one thing. Rishi was removing all traces of his presence from everywhere obvious, so Ishaan couldn’t lead himself to Rishi. But what Rishi forgot to realize was that when things get personal, there are no boundaries you don’t cross. And when it came to Sana, no boundaries existed in the first place.

Jay texted him a little close to an hour later with more details than Ishaan could have even thought of. Rishi could be cruel, but apparently he was an idiot. His credit card records stated that he’d bought a new godown last week and shopped at a women’s clothing store. That could mean two things – either he’d been buying his girlfriends clothes or he’d been preparing for Sana’s arrival. Rishi was a brute to his girlfriends, so Ishaan chose to believe the latter. Rishi had visited the godown thrice today and the second time was right around six in the evening. Ishaan had his answer.
He called Jay then. “Yeah, you’re right. She has to be in the godown. Call them up and ask them to reach the godown in twenty. I’ll get there and check to be sure she’s in there. I might need the guys, yeah. I’ll call them up myself and you handle this, alright? Cool.”
And for the first time in a long time, he felt like things were going to be okay.

He put on a leather jacket, a baseball cap, and a napkin around his mouth. As he neared the godown, he was absolutely sure Sana was in there. He could see tons of men guarding the entrance and patrolling the area. “Assholes.”, he thought.
“Jay?”, He spoke into his phone. “Send the guys in now. They’ll enter with me. And when we take the man army down, send the main party, okay? We can’t screw this up, man. She’s on the line here… yeah, I know. The guys. Now.”
As he saw his friends from last year approaching on their bikes, he stepped down from his and waited till they reached him.

“We go in. They don’t let us enter. We attack and we hit and we draw blood if that’s what it takes, but we take them apart and get to the main door. As soon as that happens, the main party will enter. Cool?”
Everyone nodded and in twenty minutes, fifteen men were lying on the ground, bruised and cut; some unconscious and some too scared to stay to fight anymore. Ishaan wasn’t sure if Rishi had heard the commotion outside his godown- if he had, he was too sissy come out. Ishaan just prayed he wasn’t taking it out on Sana. Five more minutes, and she’d be with him again.
He looked behind him and he saw the main party standing. He knew they were what would bring Rishi’s and his father’s doom. They were the only thing that could save Sana and bring an end to all the destruction. He wiped his bleeding nose and pushed open the main door. And in that second, the entire world saw Rishi’s face through the flashing lights of the cameras of the media. The main party had arrived. And they’d brought with themselves, Rishi’s end.

…to be continued.

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