"The Biggest Event in Apple, Since Apple" - Special Event '15.

The technological arena this world has become recently had arguments escalated into battle, searching for that missing piece of fruit which (like it fell on Newton’s head) couldn’t spare the heads of tech enthusiasts and other people alike, who were busy debating what the largest event of the year held in store.

Apple users around the world pestered Siri to ‘give them a hint’, yet she did not give in, increasing the mystery and the eventual worldwide revelation that happened when not just one, but four new models were launched.


Now, the need for the aftermath arises, and with various reviews flooding the World Wide Web, we bring you a review with a parallel (universe) commentary by none other than Steve Jobs!

Steve: Well, this is to say that this event managed to pull me off earth, when I heard of collaborations with IBM (when my 1984 Super Bowl commercial went down the drain) and Microsoft (yes, we stole the Graphical User Interface from Xerox before they did)! Oh, hello Tim!

As usual, the stage felt the footsteps of the CEO, Tim Cook, and the evening progressed on to announce the launch of four new models, the first of which was the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch
In the Often Referred to as the Most Overpriced, Overpriced Watch in the World, the audience viewed the onset of the new Watch OS 2. New colours for the case were introduced, as well as new wristbands, including the red one for HIV-AIDS awareness. The Time Travel feature looks fancy and attractive, and the Airstrip app invited a round of applause, but with customer satisfaction 97%-
Steve: 97%? Tim, you disappoint me. You knew I wouldn’t compromise the rest of the 3%. Even Dettol Handwash is ahead of us!
Well, we would have to wait for the future to see whether the Apple Watch would pass the test of Time or just sink into its deep abyss.

The iPad Pro
The device that truly made this event the biggest in Apple is the gargantuan iPad Pro. With a 12.9 inch display, it falls short of the Macbook Air display by a teeny 0.1 inch. It can support a full-sized virtual keyboard, and a physical keyboard and a stylus have the opportunity to tag along.
Steve: A physical keyboard and a stylus with an Apple device? Times certainly have changed (so has Apple’s definition of simplicity).
With an A9X memory chip, the iPad Pro is 1.8X faster than the iPad Air 2, and the 10 hour battery life and 5.6 million pixels constituting its screen, give us a bigger picture of how this product holds much in store. Microsoft was also welcomed with ‘these guys know productivity’, and Adobe displayed impressive stuff with the Photoshop Fix, bringing a smile to many faces. The Apple Pencil, the stylus introduced by Apple, certainly promises much to designers with its advanced sensors, however, what it leaves behind is a feeling that it failed to sketch the face of innovation, with multiple such devices already flooding the market.
Steve: One more area where this pencil falls short is that you can’t chew its ends or play pen fight with it.
The 32GB version costs $799, the 128GB version costs $949, and the latter version with LTE costs $1079.

The Apple TV
With its new tvOS and Siri in a remote, the Apple TV will perform every function that your phone or laptop does. The Universal Search feature which searches across iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu, and the voice search option where Siri acts like that friend you always pester to change the channel when you can’t find the remote, this particular TV would be fun to watch, especially when you can rewind by asking Siri, ‘what did she say?’
Steve: I knew that Siri would do wonders, and today she managed to be the cusp of Apple TV. By the way, did you guys know I was gonna name my daughter Siri?

Gamers, rejoice! With Apple believing that the future of TV is apps, games which were only previously available on consoles are now available for the Apple TV. Apps like Major League Baseball, which lets you watch two baseball games at once, bring multitasking to the television. Tech geeks would understand when we say that this TV is much more powerful, with a 64-bit A8 processor and support for Bluetooth 4.0. The new Apple TV will cost you $149 for the 32GB version, and $199 for the 64GB one.

The iPhone 6s and 6s+
The most awaited new model of the year blushed and turned rose gold when it was launched with some new amazing and amazingly named features like Live Photos and 3D Touch. The new iPhones retained the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays of their previous respective models, giving a covert signal that Apple has finally reached the extent to which it can stretch the screen. Like always, Apple wins at hardware, with a new screen made of Ion-X, and a new A9 chip built in, providing the iPhone 70% faster speed at CPU tasks, and making it 90% faster with graphics.
The new amazingly named feature called 3D Touch can be explained in two simple words – force touch. The sensors would be capable of sensing multiple levels of pressure on the screen. The ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’ gestures entered the list of multi-touch gestures, with ‘Peek’ letting users preview the information, and ‘Pop’ opening the information itself.

Apple also emerges as the leader in terms of photography, with a 12MP rear iSight camera, capable of shooting video in 4K, a 5MP front-facing camera with Retina Flash, and amazing colour quality. However, what really grabbed everyone’s attention was the Live Photos feature, giving an impression of the moment the photo was clicked in, taking you back to the spot where you clicked that photo. Before and after you snap the moment, Live Photos will capture a second and a half of footage, to make it seem like a short video clip. The Apple 6S comes in the range of $199 to $399, and the 6S+ in the range of $299 to $499, depending upon storage.
Steve: Nice ad they presented for the new iPhone. ‘The only thing that has changed is everything’. But I’m sure these people haven’t met the standards I set for them with the 1984 Super Bowl commercial and people going mad over the launch of the Macintosh. That wonder is what my world and the people of Earth want.

What always brings down Apple from the fame it gains through its amazing and elite features is the cost of the devices it manufactures, with many people arguing whether Apple is really ‘worth it’. Is it worth buying a watch which comes at twice the cost of another phone with the same features? Is it worth spending another $100 on a new phone with two new features you will eventually get used to? Is it worth buying a pencil worth $99, when it doesn’t give you the traditional feel of an actual pencil?

This Apple event was more about innovation than invention. Innovation happens in every sphere of technology all the time, and that is why what users expect from Apple is invention that falls far beyond innovation.

Steve: One thing, however, that lifted me off the ground, were the Game of Thrones and Alan Turing references. Good job, Tim!

If Apple doesn’t meet the extremely high standards it has set for itself, and if it fails to meet the expectations of the people, the company would eventually be left behind counting stars, searching for modifications to features already available in the market.
Steve: Maybe next year my hologram could present the products, which would be innovation-worthy of Apple (and, of course, I would like to see how I look on stage). Until next year, folks!

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