The Blue Door Cafe: Review

Knock knock knockin' on gluttony's Blue Door!

There are times when I’m asked to accompany someone to a place for literally just ten minutes and even though I cave, more often than not, I am aware that it’s a trap. Khan market is one of these traps. I have yet to visit the marketplace and stop at only one shop. Ah, the powers of love.

On one of these trips I fell victim to this trap for four long hours of entering stores, making appreciative sounds (side note: do these turn salespeople on? creepy pun), and nitpicky purchasing. At the end of the ordeal I was famished. I am referring to the level of hunger where you swap out a couple of beers that you are being offered for being patient, for food!

First off, the entrance door is actually blue! Who woulda thunk it?! We were ushered in and were showed the way to the terrace area where we wanted to be seated. The decor is on the minimalist side, but not bare. Art adorns the walls, and a well-stocked bar tempts and goads you while your eyes dart from painting to painting. The third floor is essentially the pebbled terrace area, with umbrellas for each table. Since the cafe was almost empty during our visit, one server just stuck around on the terrace for us, which ensured that we got excellent service.

The menu is not for the poor willed. I personally wanted to order at least five dishes off it and that was after painfully narrowing down my choices. However, we finally settled on an order of the calamari salt and pepper, a chipotle beefy cheese burger, a TBDC hamburger, a couple of green green teas, and a melon breezer (we are a health-conscious folk, after all).

Even though I admit that I felt like I hadn’t eaten for days, I would implore you to trust me when I say that everything that reached our table was plated deliberately, served at the right temperature, and tasted so well that we forgot all the worries in the world, forgot the calories, and even forgot to talk for the fifteen minutes it took for all the food to vanish. For our server who made only a quick trip to the kitchen to fetch us some water, it was nothing short of Schrodinger’s food.

The calamari was fresh and seasoned perfectly. The seasoning added to, but did not overpower, the taste. The patty in the chipotle beefy cheese burger was medium on-point. The pineapple in the TBDC hamburger was fresh cut and not from a tin. Bacon had been added generously to both the burgers and the lettuce and tomatoes left nothing to complain about. The melon breezer served its purpose well.

I have heard a lot of good things about their breakfast menu and I wanted to split an eggs benedict with my mates; but at INR 525++, it was a bit too expensive for my liking.

The service was more of a butler variety - one server, one table; the customer was truly king! I found the cafe to be decently clean and tidy and so was the tableware.

Overall, this is a nice place to be if you are famished. The menu will deliver exactly what it promises and the service won’t get in its way. It is by no standard a bargain, however it is value for money on any given day (twice on Sunday if you promise to drink a green tea with your other entree as well.)

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