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Who do we really blame for Sushant Rohilla's suicide?

— On August 10, Sushant Rohilla, a student from Amity Law School, Delhi committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence in Sarojini Nagar. A lot of indications point the blame towards the college authorities. Sushant, despite being a meritorious student, was held back from being promoted on the account of shortage of attendance. Even though the college appears to have... Read More

NBA Finals: Goliath vs. Goliath.

— David vs Goliath. Good vs Evil, stories that we’re usually told. That there’s long standing evil and then the chosen one comes along to save planet earth. We all love those stories and it’s easy to pick sides; everyone banks on the good to destroy the evil. But what if it’s Good vs Good? What if the chosen one... Read More

G.159 signs off at its peak: Final Review.

— Three days after the closing of G159’s last-ever exhibition titled “Final Review”; I step into the white-walled sparse living room of my friend’s apartment and see the last dregs of this elaborate exhibition, showing over 30 artists across backgrounds, practices, and lines of enquiry. Walking aimlessly around the space (out of habit, if not protocol), I encounter once more, a... Read More

The Leicester Miracle

— Here’s what interesting about sports, it never sticks to the script. When all odds are against you and every stat predicts your fall, your will has a funny way of trumping logic. We have created careers out of breaking down sports into small numbers and elaborate tables, we try to predict wins and then place our bets. But we... Read More

Why Socially Unacceptable Does Not Equal Abnormal

— Abnormal behaviour is characterised by the four D’s - Deviance, i.e., it is different from standard behaviour and does not comply with the norms; Distress, i.e., it is unpleasant and upsetting to the person and to others; Dysfunctional, i.e., it interferes with the individual’s ability to cope with the challenges of the environment and carry out activities in their daily... Read More

Those Pricey Thakur Girls: A Review

— Oh, why can’t all chick-lit be like this? Anuja Chauhan writes a breathtakingly fresh and uproariously funny novel, full of delightful and tender moments of romance between Debjani, the champion-of-losers protagonist, and Dylan, the cynical, hot, and intelligent love interest. The novel reminds one of Pride and Prejudice at times, especially the fact that there were 5 Thakur... Read More

Artstrumental: The Power in the Calm

— This is for you. For the person in you. The society negates, the world negates. It’s a maddening storm of sickness whispering of weakness. But there you are my brave one, nurturing your own little plants. Let it grow. Fight against the storm. Move over mountains if the air around you is polluting. Because there are many who will walk... Read More

The Psychology of Terrorism

— We live in a world where terror runs rampant; where every form of media is swarmed with news of extremist organizations committing acts against humanity, in an attempt to increase their power and legitimacy. A world so fragmented that we have forgotten how to coexist. And thus, we must ask the question: How can any ordinary individual commit such malicious... Read More


— Back home, I lived my life in a series of small, seemingly insignificant traditions. Every day, I’d have my own, apparently ‘absurd’ bowl of yogurt and raspberry jam for dessert after a plate full of curry and rice for lunch. Every two months, my mother and I would indulge in a tub of tender coconut ice cream and bawl our... Read More

Nox- A Final Farewell to our Half Blood Prince.

— January 14, 2016: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies of cancer aged 69 The news spread like fiendfyre, as his diehard fans across the globe sped to social media in order to express their sorrow and to pay their regards to the man who played such a prominent role, not... Read More

A twist to one of Disney's classics- with a Ukulele!

— We’ve all grown up watching Disney movies. Our parents too have all grown up watching Disney movies. In fact, they still love watching them. No matter how old we are, we just can’t let go of them. But what’s the one thing about these movies that we can never forget? What’s the one thing about Disney movies that people all... Read More

For The Ending Of Possibilities

— On Tuesday evening, my Facebook feed was flooded by outrage against an attack on a school in Peshawar, by the Taliban. Close to a 130 people had been reported dead, most of them school students. It was an abhorrent act of violence against individuals who have not yet realized their roles in the world that the Taliban wages war against.... Read More

The Void In Between Pop Music and Art: ARTPOP

— If Pop art is the translation and abstraction of Pop culture into art, Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP strives to do the opposite: translate high art into pop culture and music, and this she does in a typical electro- pop fashion, with a lot of pomp and a lack of substance. The album artwork is designed fittingly by Jeff Koons, who... Read More

Delhi Secret Santa is here, and this is why you should be excited!

— We recently got a chance to speak to the organizer of Delhi’s coolest Secret Santa so far, Anisha Saigal, and here’s what she said. How does this work? 1) You’re required to send in your consent, yes or no and your complete mailing address, cell phone number and a small note (less than 140 characters, not 140 words or 1400... Read More

Mental Health: From the Perspective of a Psychiatrist

— When I was studying medicine, psychiatry wasn’t the most respected (or respectable) subject. It still isn’t. Something about the “psychiatry ward” made it different from the rest. It wasn’t so much that the infrastructure was different; after all, it was a government hospital. It was more in the way the name was uttered, it was in the way we (as... Read More

For the Love of Heavy Metal

— How does one define heavy metal music? There’s no one way to define it, but very prosaically put, it is one of the most popular sub-genres of rock music. One can trace its origins as far back as the 1960s with bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and later Iron Maiden who established the stylistic features of heavy metal music:... Read More

Not Venting Is Making Me Sick?

— The problem is not your sickness; it’s your state of mind. Diseases so far have always been looked at from a biological perspective, so much so that often people don’t even know that the cause of an illness might not be present in the body, but can be found in the mind instead. The psychological state of an individual can... Read More

12 Reasons Why You Should Attend Kaafiya

— You thought she is just an actress? Well, you were wrong. Apart from taking breaths away with her flawless acting skill, Deepti Naval is also a director and a great poet. Her authority on the subject is unquestioned and Kaafiya is where you will find her celebrating poetry. If there is anyone who... Read More

Why Being An Adult Sucks

— One. You’re not allowed to have a bad day. When you’re three, or four, or five, it’s okay to say that you don’t want to go to school because you have a “stomach ache”, even though you really just don’t want to face the bullies in school at all. When you’re eighteen or twenty eight or thirty eight, and are... Read More

It's A Dog's Life- Is it really?

— Ever since I was three years old, I found more comfort in four legged friends than in cartoons or stuffed toys. I remember waking up on Sunday mornings and heading down to a street food stall with my father to buy fresh jilipi, kochuri, and torkaari for breakfast and while we waited for everything to be packed, I would inevitably... Read More

A Letter to Mr Kanan Gill

— Respected Mr Gill I am an absolute fan of your work and have always regretted not being able to spend more time on your YouTube channel or attend one of your live shows in Delhi. I’ve been duly informed that there was much that I have missed out on. I’ve always considered your commentary on Indian movies to be... Read More

Of pretty plates and what you put on them

— When I first arrived at my externship site in the December of 2014, cold winds and blurry snowstorms were raging across the Hamptons in full swing, turning the water in leaf veins to ice, frosting every exposed, naked surface, every bare-boned branch and freezing the earth into a solid mass. To say the least, the conditions were not particularly ideal... Read More

Three Minutes of OCD- What it feels like.

— How many times have you jokingly asked a friend if s/he had OCD? Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead you to do repetitive behaviors (compulsions). It’s also possible to have only obsessions or only compulsions and still have OCD. Everyone double checks things sometimes. For example, you might double check to... Read More

Over The Fences

— This Independence Day, remind yourselves to go beyond the step, to go that extra mile, and to not let the fences become a metaphor for life. Over The Fences - A short film about the two lost souls India & Pakistan divided by lines- lines that we drew, lines that created differences. Direction: Milind Kapoor Read More

Experiences with A Capella

— To put in simple words, ‘a cappella’ means singing without instruments. Many a cappella groups try to emulate instruments in songs with their vocal cords and mouth. It’s an unknown concept for a lot of people but it has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation in the last decade in India. I became familiar to the concept about six... Read More

Snow White Can Cure Depression? Wait, What?

— What are fairy tales? Are they just simple stories relayed to children at night, or are they windows to the soul, doors that lead past the barricades of unenlightenment, giving us a new perspective of the miracle that is the human psyche? Fairy tales and folklore can be defined as narratives originating from tradition and culture, which are passed... Read More

Sickness to Genocide

— An analysis of the metaphors in Breezeblocks TL;DR : Listen to Breezeblocks, it’s cooler than liquid nitrogen fudge ice cream. There are more than a few things that I am obsessed with in music and literature: one of them is metaphors and another is Breezeblocks. Language, inherently, is flawed. It was designed to communicate the thoughts, experiences and understanding of... Read More