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— In between moments of heightened consciousness and slightly blurred understanding lies that erasing of language, where links are drawn in sensations and comprehension hits with bold realizations. Yet, in those moments, with the low rustling of the trees that is humbly loud to ears that crave a sound of belonging instead of the constant honking, with the sweet scent of... Read More


— I. rickshaw! gripping his eyes to the tightness of her hands, each golden wisp of hair gently tumbling before his eyes' focus increasing the shutter speed of his rickshaw! damn it! almost had the lines! her kohled eyes freeing me from my search for understanding, if not appreciation, for what is the latter but an absence of abe rickshaw! at... Read More

Words for You

— These words are meant for you, These words are to fall against your cheek like your hair as you blush, the way my fingers should; They nibble at your ears as they savour your skin from your nape to your shoulders, The space for our heads to nuzzle (against each other); They slip past the bones of your collar, To... Read More

Don't Say Goodbye: Ep 8

— …continued It’d been a long day. Ishaan sat outside the hospital room, talking to Jay. “She’s going to be okay, Ishaan. That’s what the doctors said, right? You’ve got to believe it, man. She’s coming back to you.” Ishaan groaned. “Yeah? Why won’t she wake up then?” “Because she’s dehydrated and needs fluids in her system, idiot. Let her... Read More

After All This Time

— This isn’t an ode to Alan Rickman. This is an ode to my childhood. Pen and paper seem too hollow, Comrades to this defeat to my soul. Yet, it is all I have In response to this grievous blow. Jibes by the hundred he took, In corridors and classrooms alike. Yet, somehow those barbs pierced, Our hearts more... Read More

The Incorrigible Limitation of Materiality

— Within the definitions of our existence, one of the greatest features is our material presence. It is the fact that our body exists that we exist, we cannot exist beyond it. The pleasure I had of tracing every inch of your skin, as I pleased in those moments of time that were condensed into an infinite singularity and stretched to... Read More

Don't Say Goodbye: Ep 7

— …continued Sana had been drifting in and out of consciousness for what seemed like hours now. The last thing she remembered was being drugged in a lane next to her PG. She’d gone there because her roommate had texted her to, but she had no clue about what was waiting for her. When she finally regained consciousness, she tried... Read More

Through Corridors

— C i wonder, if i C O spent a lifetime O R taking photographs of C I R R O D R I R O I D R R D O S, around the world, if i could change something about how they O felt R as i walked through them R S S but then again, probably not.... Read More

When It Was My Time

— A humble tribute to all of those on-field heroes, who hung up their boots and the relevance of support in sport. You could almost read this poem with anyone you want in mind, Michael Jordan or Taufiq Hidayat, Babe Ruth or Steffi Graf, Sachin Tendulkar or, as I did, Raul Gonzalez. Chequered scarves adorning my torso, An entire coliseum eyeing... Read More

Don't Say Goodbye: Ep 6

— …continued Ishaan sat on the pavement beside Sana’s P.G for what seemed like hours to passersby. To him, it seemed like his worst nightmare had come to life. He’d failed her. Again. But more than that, he had no clue of where she was or what she was doing or if she was even breathing anymore. He couldn’t even... Read More


— Ronnie walked up towards 26A, 2 hours before kick off. She had a habit of being extremely punctual on Match Day, and some thought it was superstition while others just related it to her excellent work as a nurse. “Ronnie shouldn’t have retired ye know, she still had a few years, that girl did”, her 92 year old aunt exclaimed... Read More

Stopped Clock

— tick these eyes, don’t go to you anymore skipping over you like so many missed sundays spent sleeping in your arms curled up in between your breath, and your heart beating seconds into my inner ears tick one beat for two ears, two beats for one keeping rhythm with each other, by not listening to either one but how do... Read More

Empty Rooms

— My aunt screams, “panic attack”, She is a stranger in an empty room, Room emptied of comfort, she waits For the walls to threaten, to mime, and to loot her, she awaits stark Naked in a room full of people, She feels for everyone, she breathes As if she is breathing for everyone. My sister whispers, “depression”, she Sleeps with... Read More

In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down) (III)

— “…ain’t it lonesome, ain’t it lonesome sometimes, when your lover is not around?” Last night she was sleeping in the past - continuous(ly) Oh my, honey watch out for that tire rolling down these lonesome roads It’s the same old tire you see you first saw when he lay you good that one... Read More

Outer Rim Conspiracies.

— Fluid circular motions It’s almost like I can predict How helpless I am Like a broken turntable Have the tables really turned? Soft, sliding ovals I’ve lost track of time These corrugated metaphors Hum within my fingertips A chaotic symphony. I am a silent spectator Witness to my Own decay The edges of my sanity Cr u m b l... Read More

Don't Say Goodbye: Ep 5

— …continued. Sana asked herself to stay calm. She wasn’t going to react. He wasn’t going to see her vulnerable. “It’s been a year. Why do they still care?” He shrugged. “Criminals wouldn’t be criminals if they didn’t hold grudges for long. They forget nothing.” “But they’ve done nothing all this while and I’m still alive, so maybe they have.”... Read More

10 Taka

— “Kaka, medium rakho. I hate the army cut”, I said while my father gave me stern glances, but remained silent. I had to take matters in my own hands. Arey, Rajat Kaka should also use his expertise instead of chopping all my hair down to the lowest extent, no? Rajat Kumar Das was a man in full control of his... Read More

Dreams and Hopes: Prologue

— I wanted to end. ‘End’ is a funny thing, sometimes it is what we long for and sometimes it is what we fear the most. I have always lived with a principle that death is a beautiful thing. There is no running away from it, no matter whatever we do, no matter how much knowledge we acquire, no matter how... Read More


— A pale yellow light Floods the room, The reds pass by through The window The tip of the pen stammers, As it fidgets across the pages, Towards narrower edges, Turning them over In its wake From white to black, the pages Muddle with the brain; Is a zebra black with white stripes? Or white with black? Ink blot Paper soaks... Read More

And We Still Can't Believe.

— Have you heard of sagas, sagas that cease to ever end? Days on end, they lurk on; days on end, until we deem them abysmal. I have one such saga for you, but I am not entirely convinced that you might have ever heard a saga so magnanimous. One so reeking of benignity. Well; I have one such saga... Read More

Eleven Things I Should've Told You Sooner

— When I was five, I used to look right into the Sun with big, dreamy eyes, because I thought the Sun felt sad when nobody else did. Like maybe one five year old girl out of over six billion people could make a difference. I never understood why everyone shied away from looking at the Sun directly. I guess... Read More

Learnings from Depression

— How to lie still amidst a swarm of bees it’s almost like a blanket sewn using chaos yet, wrapped in it I am thoughtless How to live with a collapsed wind pipe It’s nauseating most of the times two fingers, I want to push them into my throat I want to scream, therein stay silent Peace of mind learnt... Read More

I do not understand people

— I never sat at the back of the bus Despite years spent quietly peeping at giants that always seemed bigger than us Somehow when time had managed to stretch my arms and legs so that they were finally long enough To seize a frozen second of fame as I imagined myself walking down that metal corridor, Amid a symphony of... Read More

Why Superpowers & Mental Illnesses Are Not So Different

— The thing about superpowers is that most of the time people are so oblivious to them; it’s almost as if they don’t want to acknowledge their existence. Humans are so clueless that we could have a god walking among us, and we wouldn’t know better. Because no one questions Peter Parker on how he always manages to get the perfect... Read More


— i was drawing a map the other day to plot the way your skin felt as it grazed against mine hoping against hope, that it would lead me back to your scent but halfway through i found myself utterly lost, in a rickshaw being woken up by a lady asking if i knew how to get to a street where... Read More

Don't Say Goodbye: Ep 4

— …continued. Her head was spinning. This couldn’t be real. She maintained her composure and tried to stay calm. “How do you even know that?” “I know them.” He said simply, his face straight. “Know whom?” She wanted to scream. She didn’t understand why he was acting like this. Why couldn’t he just tell her everything? He’d kept her in the... Read More

My First Kiss

— Is special not special unless your kind of special? Define perfection. Don’t let it define you. Read More

Unsaid Nuances

— she preferred staying in the darkness, for the fear of burning too bright. For love was an emotion not for shades of grey, but for simple, proper blacks and whites. Read More