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In Conversation with Raghu Ram

— You know Raghu Ram as the stern person who worked with Roadies for ten years, hurling abuses at interviewees and putting them under pressure, but what about what the person off-screen? Tell me a bit about you that you find unconventional. One aspect of it, is that conventionality is objective, since society has norms, and if somebody is doing... Read More

In Conversation with Tasveer

— So first and foremost, the generic question, how did the urge to start Tasveer surface? Aaryaman: Six months ago, my school newspaper asked me to capture a social program where grade 11 students taught the support staff rudimentary English and Computer Applications in an attempt to improve their ability to understand what they do. I went in extremely nervous.... Read More

In Conversation With Sarthak Raswant

— Tell me a bit about yourself. I’m 22, I graduated out of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College last year. I had done B. Com, and am currently working for Gaurav Gupta: he’s one of the leading couturiers in India. I’m his brand and digital manager, so everything from his marketing to social media, to in-house PR, events, media relations are all... Read More

In Conversation with Nandini Sardesai

— How would you describe what you do to someone you’ve just met? I’ve been teaching for the last 35 years, or maybe even more, to the point where teaching is no longer a vocation for me; it’s a passion. And although I retired 10 years ago, I continue to be a visiting faculty in several colleges. I like to believe... Read More

In Conversation with Jerry Pinto

— Tell us a bit about yourself. I like fried fish. I have farmer’s feet. I have several false teeth. I have never lived in any city, other than the one in which I was born, for more than three months. As a child, I wished to be many other people. I have no evidence that these wishes were... Read More

In Conversation with Aayushi Pandey

— What are some things about you everyone should know? I’m a home-schooler, author, amateur astronomer, self-proclaimed sketch artist, nerdfighter, dancer, and science enthusiast. If everything goes the way I plan, I aspire to be a physicist one day. I love writing and I think it’s one of the best ways to relax yourself and also disturb yourself. My first book... Read More

In Conversation with Banarsi Lal Chawla

— An Obsession with Airplanes There’s a Flying Club in Karnal, where pilot trainings take place. And during these trainings, sometimes the pilots or instructors happened to fly over our house. Kalpana was 3 or 4 years of age when she saw an airplane flying over our house in Karnal, and asked me when I came back home from work, “Papa,... Read More

In Conversation with Anshul Tewari

— What made you go by this name? Since forever, young people have been told off and subject to stereotypes of apathy around socio-political issues. As a young person myself, I was frustrated at the thought that this country’s current generation did not have a stake in the issues, policies and politics that directly or indirectly affected them. In other words,... Read More

In Conversation with Jagrati Marwaha

— If you had to describe what you do to someone you’ve just met, what would you say? Introducing myself as a writer / photographer used to give butterflies in my tummy, but I’ve stopped doing that lately. The unconventional choices I’ve made takes up the majority of the conversation, and we rarely ever come around to discussing what the other... Read More

In Conversation with David Lloyd

— How did you get interested in writing and sketching? Well, I suppose, if you’re naturally creative, you just want to write and draw- if you have the ability to. As far as drawing is concerned - everybody draws. All kids draw- it’s a natural instinct for them. Some kids stop drawing because somebody tells them, “The tree doesn’t look like... Read More

In Conversation with Kris Wilson

— How would you explain about Cyanide and Happiness to someone who has never heard of it? Cyanide & Happiness is dark humor and absurd nonsense. It has no storyline and takes place in a cruel universe inhabited by misleadingly cute characters. What got you into sketching cartoons? That’s hard to say. I’ve always drawn cartoons for as long as... Read More

In Conversation With The Indian Fiction Project

— Why ‘The Indian Fiction Project’? We started with the thought that we wanted to redefine how Indian fiction in English is viewed and this was our working title. Somewhere along the way, it just stuck, and it sums up what we’re trying to do pretty well. If you had to describe what you do to someone you’ve just met, what... Read More

In Conversation with Sarthak Ahuja

— Why ‘My Life Is A Jalebi’? The elders in my family, much like me, live in a delusional world where they believe themselves to be the funniest people to have ever walked this planet. Now, I have no idea about the kind of jokes they used to crack as teenagers, but going by what I have experienced so far, their... Read More

In Conversation with Noxious D.

— What made you go by the name of ‘Noxious D.’? Basically the term MC was coined for rappers who are not just rappers. People who can actually entertain the crowd. If you set me free on stage, you can clearly see the fire that builds in the audience as well so I guess that’s what an ‘MC’ is. Whereas in... Read More