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Words for You

— These words are meant for you, These words are to fall against your cheek like your hair as you blush, the way my fingers should; They nibble at your ears as they savour your skin from your nape to your shoulders, The space for our heads to nuzzle (against each other); They slip past the bones of your collar, To... Read More

My 'Personal' God

— In the Indic traditions, we all grow up with the most buoying and arousing edifications. For starters, of course, we’re not sinners. And we don’t need any saving. We can have as many lifetimes as we please to deal with our shit; no messiahs for us, thank you. It’s all going to end anyway, and then rise anew from the... Read More

The Incorrigible Limitation of Materiality

— Within the definitions of our existence, one of the greatest features is our material presence. It is the fact that our body exists that we exist, we cannot exist beyond it. The pleasure I had of tracing every inch of your skin, as I pleased in those moments of time that were condensed into an infinite singularity and stretched to... Read More


— Back home, I lived my life in a series of small, seemingly insignificant traditions. Every day, I’d have my own, apparently ‘absurd’ bowl of yogurt and raspberry jam for dessert after a plate full of curry and rice for lunch. Every two months, my mother and I would indulge in a tub of tender coconut ice cream and bawl our... Read More

Mental Health: From the Perspective of a Psychiatrist

— When I was studying medicine, psychiatry wasn’t the most respected (or respectable) subject. It still isn’t. Something about the “psychiatry ward” made it different from the rest. It wasn’t so much that the infrastructure was different; after all, it was a government hospital. It was more in the way the name was uttered, it was in the way we (as... Read More


— They say your perspective comes from the cage you live in, but when the cage is all that you have known, with zero to little exposure to the world outside, when you have been refrained from the knowledge that, perhaps, another world altogether exists outside, one that does not conform to the patterns of life that you have lived through... Read More

Why Being An Adult Sucks

— One. You’re not allowed to have a bad day. When you’re three, or four, or five, it’s okay to say that you don’t want to go to school because you have a “stomach ache”, even though you really just don’t want to face the bullies in school at all. When you’re eighteen or twenty eight or thirty eight, and are... Read More

Stream of Consciousness

— I’m lying in bed in the darkness of my room, trying to go to sleep – I feel utterly defeated in this endeavour. The mind is a terrible thing, and it takes me again and again to the darkest, most unsavoury alleys in murky Memory Lane. It’s as if I am constantly drowning in a cesspool of the most embarrassing... Read More

Back to College: Will it ever change?

— I always take my first step into the gates of the building looking down because, if politely put, the sight that awaits me is abysmal, typical and out of an American teenage show. Girls in crop tops with faces caked in makeup and boys sporting the under-cut like it’s obviously some notion of good looks. What I have learned from... Read More

Experiences with A Capella

— To put in simple words, ‘a cappella’ means singing without instruments. Many a cappella groups try to emulate instruments in songs with their vocal cords and mouth. It’s an unknown concept for a lot of people but it has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation in the last decade in India. I became familiar to the concept about six... Read More

Sickness to Genocide

— An analysis of the metaphors in Breezeblocks TL;DR : Listen to Breezeblocks, it’s cooler than liquid nitrogen fudge ice cream. There are more than a few things that I am obsessed with in music and literature: one of them is metaphors and another is Breezeblocks. Language, inherently, is flawed. It was designed to communicate the thoughts, experiences and understanding of... Read More