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G.159 signs off at its peak: Final Review.

— Three days after the closing of G159’s last-ever exhibition titled “Final Review”; I step into the white-walled sparse living room of my friend’s apartment and see the last dregs of this elaborate exhibition, showing over 30 artists across backgrounds, practices, and lines of enquiry. Walking aimlessly around the space (out of habit, if not protocol), I encounter once more, a... Read More

Those Pricey Thakur Girls: A Review

— Oh, why can’t all chick-lit be like this? Anuja Chauhan writes a breathtakingly fresh and uproariously funny novel, full of delightful and tender moments of romance between Debjani, the champion-of-losers protagonist, and Dylan, the cynical, hot, and intelligent love interest. The novel reminds one of Pride and Prejudice at times, especially the fact that there were 5 Thakur... Read More

Three Feet Taller: Review

— Before I divulge into the intricacies, a few pointers: Poetry can be reviewed if it is published for the world to read and critique Yes, Vrinda Sood is working with The ‘Zine too This is the first time I have read a book of poems by an Indian author Three Feet Taller, a book that will set... Read More

Pillow Talk: A Review

— “It’s a paradise, and it’s a warzone.” Take a bowl brimming with a really catchy RnB beat, and add a pinch— or, for the ultimate Zayn Malik punch, perhaps a spoonful of clear, stunning vocals. Place it upon a slow flame and let it simmer, stirring at regular intervals, letting it slowly gain that smooth, rich quality, tinged with... Read More

Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts

— ‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins, my first book or rather- journey (I am not corny) – of 2016. When another year commences, even if you do not swear by it, you do promise yourself to be happier. To do better things, to be positive in its simplest sense and I did all those things too. This book... Read More

Hauz Khas Social: Review

— Perhaps the truth depends on a view of the lake This new, wildly popular haunt tucked away in one of the alleys of Hauz Khas Village has been steady climbing the ladder to become one of the most coveted watering holes in that area. Tables are hard to come by if you decide to just waltz in without a reservation,... Read More

The Void In Between Pop Music and Art: ARTPOP

— If Pop art is the translation and abstraction of Pop culture into art, Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP strives to do the opposite: translate high art into pop culture and music, and this she does in a typical electro- pop fashion, with a lot of pomp and a lack of substance. The album artwork is designed fittingly by Jeff Koons, who... Read More

The Viper's Tale

— A Song Of Ice And Fire has a myriad of characters that are incredibly well-layered and diverse. When I first started reading the series back in 2009, I found myself viewing every character as particular colours- different shades, hues, and varying levels of contrast and saturation. This was an identifying factor for the emotions and ideas they conveyed and represented.... Read More

"The Biggest Event in Apple, Since Apple" - Special Event '15.

— The technological arena this world has become recently had arguments escalated into battle, searching for that missing piece of fruit which (like it fell on Newton’s head) couldn’t spare the heads of tech enthusiasts and other people alike, who were busy debating what the largest event of the year held in store. Apple users around the world pestered Siri... Read More

Scion of Ikshvaku: Review

— Amish Tripathi’s third novel, and the first one in his Rama trilogy, Scion of Ikshvaku, is his most mature book yet. Where the Shiva trilogy faltered in its unbridled adolescent-ish rigor and enthusiasm without paying an excess of attention to a tight and well structured story line, Scion of Ikshavaku is a treat for readers with its well chosen words... Read More

The Blue Door Cafe: Review

— There are times when I’m asked to accompany someone to a place for literally just ten minutes and even though I cave, more often than not, I am aware that it’s a trap. Khan market is one of these traps. I have yet to visit the marketplace and stop at only one shop. Ah, the powers of love. On one... Read More

Route 04: Review

— The beloved watering hole Route 04, located in CP, Khan Market, and Cyber City, isn’t exactly a lounge or a restaurant. If anything, the closest word to define the kind of place it is, would be to call it a pub; however, I’d like to go a step further and call it a personal living room for everyone who is... Read More

Garage Inc.: Review

— I have noticed that Hauz Khas Village (HKV) has become quite a fad for culinary experiences and watering holes in the past two years, and so after reading a lot of good reviews on Zomato, I started to frequent HKV myself as well. One of those times, I ended up there with a bunch of friends and we were, as... Read More

The Subdued Wine Company: Review

— I was pretty glad when I read that a place named “The Wine Company” had opened up in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, because even though wine has been picking up gradually and consistently in India through the last decade, it has never been treated as the main event of alcohol (except at very few high-end restaurants). Wine has always been an... Read More

Kaffeine: Review

— There are days that are slower and more dreary than other weekdays, and then just around the time you are about to grab dinner, you think to yourself that you’ll change it - grab life by the horns and make a difference - Enter Kaffeine. This quaint little Italian cafe is nestled on the first floor on the far end... Read More

Swagath: Review

— Swagath is one of the Delhi classics. It isn’t the first restaurant that comes to one’s mind when one wants to take guests from out of town, nor is it a restaurant that would make an ideal location for a first date. It is however a place where you are sure to get consistently good food when you visit, and... Read More