Words for You

These words are meant for you,
These words are to fall against your cheek
like your hair as you blush,
the way my fingers should;
They nibble at your ears
as they savour your skin
from your nape to your shoulders,
The space for our heads
to nuzzle (against each other);
They slip past the bones of your collar,
To hear your heart,
The beat that sings these words;
They’ll stroke your sides like your clothes
never would,
And wrap around your waist
like only my arms ever could,
Closer and tighter than we ever knew;
They’ll trace the movement
from the base of your spine
to the blades of your shoulder and design the
arch of your back;
They’ll twirl around your fingers
with the warm breath
that makes your fingers pull at
the curls of my hair;
They’ll drip down your body
like the sweat down your neck,
their splash will be marked
with purple on your naked chest;
They’ll find refuge in the calling
between our legs
and there
will be held
To wrap around your legs,
As your legs tie you to my hip,
As your arms tie you to my neck,
These words will struggle to unravel
The knots of our bodies
They can only mark our bindings
They’ll mark the shimmy of our shins
They’ll begin at the corners of your lips
And end at the base of your feet
As our soles rest together.
These words were meant for you.
I wish this poem was you.

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