5 Things India Must Celebrate This November

It’s that time of the year again- the streets are lit up with little lamps and the chaos of crackers seems to take over the atmosphere. As India gears up for the Diwali season and the celebrations begin in full swing, we think that India could definitely add a few more occasions to the list to keep the spirit of joy, awareness and inspiration alive. With some picked off the popular culture pool and some others borrowed from observances in other countries, here is a list of events that are must-haves on your calendar, making November an endless spree.

1. Movember or No-Shave November
no shave november
No-Shave November is essentially the male couch potato’s heaven. While being a fun, annual trend where men get to flaunt their beards and ‘staches and put off shaving for a good thirty days, it actually also addresses the bigger vital cause of awareness of men’s health issues like depression, prostate cancer and other male cancers.
By getting 'Mo Bros’- a name enough to get the men up and about-involved, Movember is a movement to encourage early cancer detection, diagnosis and cure. The events hosted under Movember, the public involvement, and the general eye-candy of beards everywhere act as constant reminders of men’s health risks and instil a general sense of responsibility.
So men, it’s time to bring on the stubble!

2. Transgender Awareness Month
In pursuit of a gender-inclusive and harmonious society with no boundaries on the expression of gender, November is observed as Transgender Awareness Month. Earmarked by November 20th, the Transgender Day of Remembrance dedicated to those who have been killed due to rampant transphobia, TAM is a world-wide campaign on better information and wider reach on transgender awareness, inclusion of the transgender community in the wider society and a fundamental celebration of the third gender.
Online and offline campaigns involving talks, comics, exploration and sex-ed bring the multiple genders out of the dark, allowing children and young adults to find themselves in their truest form amidst the complex milieu of modern society.

3. National Adoption Month(USA)
National Adoption Month is a United States initiative started in 1984 as a week and later expanded in 1995 to the entire month, in order to generate awareness for the need of adoptive families for children in foster care. November is dedicated to campaigns and activities urging the need for adoption as well as sharing stories of adoption, love, care and transformation. With India, its insensitivity towards orphans, the emphasis on biological children and stigma on adoption and women’s infertility, a month dedicated to adoption can go a long way in making millions of lives better.

4. National Entrepreneurship Month(USA)
The bustling entrepreneurship and innovation scene in India—with thousands of start-ups and student ventures taking the country by storm—could certainly do with a glorious month-long entrepreneurship festival, don’t you think? Dedicating November to back the smart, dynamic risk-takers, hard-workers and dreamers of the country and catapult them towards unmatched success can lead us to greater growth, innovation, prosperity and satisfaction than we can predict.
After all, it’s the Beer generation we’re talking about.
tu beer hai

5. National Blog Posting Month
Last, but not the least, I’m going to be a sly little inhabitant of the world wide web and leave a little treat for all the aspiring writers and bloggers in the country.
Have you always wanted to blog but your inner procrastinator always got the better of you? Has lack of motivation silenced your eagerness to improve? Are you more driven by incentive and mentorship? Worry not, fellow-writer, because a National Blog-Posting Month can make you un-stuck in a jiffy!
A month-long challenge where writers and bloggers participate and write one blog post/ article a day throughout November, National Blog Posting Month brings out endless talent and gives them the resources to get better at what they love to write about. The best part is that they get to interact with other bloggers, receive writing prompts, get advice from experts and win prizes!
NaBloPoMo needs to be bigger in India.

This time, when Diwali is over, we don’t have to deal with a hangover because there’s so much more to look forward to. Let’s make November unlike any other.

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5 Things India Must Celebrate This November

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